Bastia Ferries: information and connections with Corsica

The port of Bastia is located in the center of the city and is the first ferry port for Corsica. From here, the ferries of Moby Lines and Corsica Ferries connect the city with the ports of Toulon, Nice and Marseille for France and with Genoa, Livorno and Savona for Italy. The frequency of the races is ensured from 7:00 to 00:00 in high season, while in low season the companies reduce the frequency.

Bastia among all the cities of Corsica is certainly the one that most resembles Italy. In fact, it has much of the colors, the character and the style of Tuscany and the cities that overlook the Mediterranean.

How to buy a ticket to Corsica from the port of Bastia

To purchase ferry tickets to the port of Bastia, simply fill in all the fields of the online booking system and see timetables and prices in a single screen.

Printable tickets will be shipped via email or sent via postal mail directly to your home, but pay a small fee.

For any need call our call center 0565960130, active Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 20:00.

Embark or land cars and passengers at the port of Bastia

If you need to board a vehicle on the ferry to Corsica, you will have to arrive at least 2 hours before and follow the instructions of the crew who’ll explain how to place the car inside the garage.

However, if you don’t have any vehicles, you’ll only have to arrive about 1 hour before the time indicated on the nominal ticket.

Remember to always keep with you: travel title and identity card, I will be useful to facilitate the checks at any time of navigation.

Companies for the Port of Bastia

  • Moby;
  • Corsica Ferries.

How to reach the port of Bastia

The port of Bastia is easily accessible by car, plane and train

How to get to the port of Bastia by car

The Corsican Island has no last generation road infrastructure and therefore moving from one end of the island to the other is not a simple feat. Better to arrive by sea.

How to get to the port of Bastia by plane

In Corsica there are four international airports: Ajaccio, Figari, Bastia and Calvi. However the direct flights from Italy are very few and the cost of the ticket is quite high.

How to get to the port of Bastia by train

The railway network is a single track and consists of a single line with two branches: Bastia-Ajaccio and Bastia-Calvi.

Address Port of Bastia

The address of the port of Bastia is Terminal South Port of Bastia, 20200 Bastia, France.

Car parks

In front of the port of Bastia there is a large parking fee, precisely in Jeux Square Saint-Victor.

Port services

The port of Bastia is geographically placed in the bay in front of the city centre. This way you can take advantage of the proximity to the center and the commercial services.

The history of the port

The origins of Bastia date back to the mid-fourteenth century, when was built the Watchtower under the Genoese domination. The city itself began to take shape at the end of the fifteenth century.

In 1700, Bastia tried to conquer its independence but to no avail and remained under the dominion of the Genoese. At the end of the eighteenth century, after the Treaty of Versailles, even Bastia, as the other cities ran, passed under French rule.

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