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Last minute ferries to Corsica: how to find and book the tickets

You were undecided until the last minute. Or, you decided at the last minute that the destination of your next vacation would be the island of beauty. And here begins your little dilemma: how to find, and above all, to book the last minute Corsica ferries? The solution is simple … … and it’s using […]

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how to sleep on the ferry to Corsica

Ferry to Corsica: how to sleep during the journey

The journey by ferry to Corsica can take a while: depending on the port of departure and on the port of arrival, from four to eight hours. And you’d like to travel at night, to not miss even one day of the holiday. And, for this reason, you need to know how to sleep during […]

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Corsica ferries timetables and fares

Ferries to Corsica: how to have all timetables and all rates available

To book your ferry to Corsica (and visit one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean), you need to know two things: what the timetables and the rates are. Below you can find all the information you need.   Check rates and timetables… …you can do it quickly and easily using our reservation system. […]

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plan a holiday in Corsica

Corsica: 5 tips you should follow to organize a perfect holiday

  Type in Text here and Click on Source button to get HTML Source Code. The island of beauty is the destination of your next journey and you want to organize a simply perfect holiday in Corsica. Achievable goal without problems. But you should to follow these five useful tips.   1. How to get […]

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dog friendly holidays in Corsica

In Corsica with your dog: 3 things to know to spend a perfect holiday

  You are finally planning the trip you wished for with your beloved four-legged friend. For this reason, you want to avoid any inconvenience and spend a simply perfect dog-friendly holiday in Corsica, the island of beauty. In this regard, there are three things to know that will allow you to plan your holiday in […]

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