From Santa Teresa di Gallura to Bonifacio: information on ferries and bookings

Looking for a cheap flight from Santa Teresa di Gallura to Bonifacio? Here’s where to find it:

Routes from Santa Teresa di Gallura to Bonifacio

How to book a ferry from Santa Teresa di Gallura to Bonifacio, information on ticket prices and offers

 By filling out our online form you can have a personalized quote for your needs. Simply enter the number of passengers, the type of vehicle transported and the type of route you want (one way or return).

Travel times, frequencies and timetables for fast routes to Bonifacio

 The Santa Teresa di Gallura-Bonifacio route lasts only 1 hour.

Car boarding for Santa Teresa di Gallura, luggage and animals on board

 Be at the port about 2 hours before the departure, the staff will indicate the next steps to embark. Do not forget to bring a carry-on baggage with you so that the rest of the baggage must be left on your vehicle.

Animals can get on the ferries without any problem, just have a health card and identification document of the animal.

Companies with routes from Santa Teresa di Gallura

Moby  is serving this route, it will take care of your return journey from Sardinia to Corsica.

Ferry services for Bonifacio

Moby is a company with decades of experience in the maritime transport sector and offers comfort and safety for its passengers. On board you can take advantage of some services including relaxation area, bar, restaurant, children’s area. It will also be possible to relax during the crossing on comfortable seats.

Ideas for holidays: what to visit, see and do in Bonifacio

The citadel of Bonifacio presents an unbelievable  natural landscape. Postcard beaches and dreamy waters. Arriving from the sea the view of the city and the small port is impressive. The walk  at the port is characterized by bars, restaurants and small shops where you can find lovely souvenirs all along the streets.