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Corsica ferry or plane

Corsica: better to get there by ferry or plane?

How to get to Corsica? This is usually the very first question that arises who has chosen to visit the island of beauty. The available solutions are essentially two. And, in fact, at this precise moment you are undecided: is the trip preferable to take it by plane or by ferry? Here’s how things are. […]

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Balagne Corsica

Region of Balagne, Corsica: a journey in 5 panoramas

Corsica is an island without equal, where you can go, in a few kilometers, from Caribbean beaches to mountains where you can go hiking. And there is an area, along the northern coast, even more peculiar. Because it can offer very different landscapes. Don’t you believe it? Then you just have to touch and visit […]

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The nights of guitar 2018

Patrimonio, Corsica: all the magic of The nights of guitar 2018

Electric or acoustic. Played by young talents or established musicians. Capable of enchanting or infusing energy. All this is the guitar. Instrument that will be the protagonist of one of the most felt events that animate the summer in Corsica: the 2018 edition of The nights of guitar, to be held in Patrimonio from 20 […]

  • Published: 10-07-2018
  • Category: Events
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Festivoce 2018

Festivoce 2018: the voice is protagonist from 10 to 14 July

Are you spending a holiday in early July in Corsica (lucky you! The island of beauty in this period is really beautiful) or are you about to leave? And are you really passionate about music? So let us suggest an event that you really do not have to miss: we are talking about the 2018 […]

  • Published: 6-07-2018
  • Category: Events
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Festi Lumi 2018

Festi Lumi 2018: Bonifacio as you have never seen it before

The white cliffs that are tinged with blue. Bonifacio as you have never seen it before, which will present itself to you in a way that is as unprecedented as it is spectacular. If you are spending a holiday in this city on the south coast of the island of beauty, you have to know […]

  • Published: 3-07-2018
  • Category: Events
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corsica beaches in august

Relaxing holiday in Corsica: how are the beaches in August?

For your holiday dedicated solely to relaxation, sun, sea and sand, the choice fell on Corsica. And you will visit the island of beauty in the highlight month par excellence of the summer holidays. Before organizing your trip, you therefore need to know: how are the beaches of Corsica in August? We can give you […]

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Festival Erbalunga 2018

Erbalunga Festival 2018: two days of music during a summer in Corsica

Corsica in the summer is a true paradise for those looking for dream beaches and lots of relaxation. But why not give yourself a couple of evenings dedicated to music? If you are in Bastia and surroundings on August 10th and 11th, have the opportunity to take part in the 2018 edition of the Erbalunga […]

  • Published: 15-06-2018
  • Category: Events
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