The most beautiful beaches near Ajaccio

Ajaccio beachesWith a lot of things to do and places to see, Ajaccio is one of the Corsican cities to visit. And near this city there are some of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica: immaculate, with clear water, and relaxing.

Marinella – This is a perfect beach: white sand, clean water, surrounded by nature. Ajaccio is near this beach, one of the most famous in Corsica.

Saint-François – It’s a fine sand stripe exactly in the center of Ajaccio, in front of the citadel. Saint-François is rarely visited, with no bathing establishments. It is very recommended to people who want to relax.

îles Sanguinaires – Literally “bloody islands”. It’s a little archipelago, four red porphyry island (this is the origin if the name) in the sea near the port of Ajaccio. îles Sanguinaires are well known for the little beaches and the clear sea.

Isolella – A nice and elegant beach, Isolella is a little paradise. It’s a white sand, half-moon-shaped beach. The color of the sea changes from blue to turquoise. Isolella is a jewel in the Corsica west coast.

Other beaches – These are the main beaches, but not the only. Near Ajaccio there are other beaches to see, such as Golfe de Lava, Liscia, Tiuccia. And such as Sangone beach, 30 kilometers from Ajaccio, with its characteristic village.

These are the most famous beaches near Ajaccio. Would you like to see them all? So you have only one thing to do: book a ferry ticket to Corsica.


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