Ajaccio jazz festival 2017: quality music on the Island of beauty

  • Published: 28-04-2017
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Ajaccio jazz festival 2017


You are music fans. We mean fans of quality music. And a journey must always satisfy your passion. Then, we can suggest an event that is really for you: the Ajaccio jazz festival 2017 edition, to be held on June 27 to 30.


The festival

Quality music performed by national and international artists. The suggestive landscapes that only the sea of the island of beauty can offer. A big, ancient city, with many souls, an ideal destination for a holiday dedicated to culture. These are the ingredients that will make Jazz in Aiacciu an unmissable opportunity for all the fans of the genre.

(The 2017 edition of the program has not been drawn up yet but it should be available next week.)


The city of Napoleon

It is one of the nicknames of Ajaccio, and one of the main reasons for which the city is famous. During the four-day event, why not take the opportunity to visit it? In this regard, we have three ideas for you:

  • In one day, you will see some of the main attractions of the city: we are talking about places like the citadel, the cathedral, the Napoleonic museum and Place Foch.
  • Immediately after the real city, it’s time to enjoy the surroundings. They will give you places like the Scandola Nature Reserve and the archaeological site of Filitosa.
  • Finally, do not forget an important detail: Jazz in Aiacciu will be held in June, so in the summer, and summer means beaches. As an example, among the most beautiful of Ajaccio there are Marinella, Saint-François and Isolella.


How to get

Ajaccio is one of the major ports where the ferries to Corsica dock. Usually, the Aiacciu Jazz concerts are held in very central and easily accessible places of the city.


More information

For more information on Ajaccio jazz festival 2017 (how to participate, the official program, any changes in dates), please visit the official event website, Jazzinaiacciu.com.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/departmentofed

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