Vacation to Ajaccio and surroundings: 5 places that you should see

Ajaccio things to see

It’s famous because Napoleon was born here. Its ancient history and its unspoiled nature are the cherries on top. Is Ajaccio the destination of your next vacation? Then there are 5 places that you absolutely have to see. These:


1. Ajaccio in one day

Ajaccio is the main city of Corsica. And, in one day, you can see its most beautiful places: the Cathedral, the citadel, Place Foch and, of course, the house where the First French emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, was born.


2. Scandola

The Réserve naturelle de Scandola, UNESCO World Heritage, is a precious nature reserve: it includes the homonymous peninsula of Scandola, with its craggy coastline overlooking the sea, and the small island of Elpa Nera. You can reach it by boat trip from the port of Ajaccio.


3. Filitosa

Discovered in 1946, it takes one hour by car to get from Ajaccio to Filitosa archaeological site. Its menhirs are surrounded by an aura of mystery: they rise between gentle hills covered with ferns and wild olive trees. The history of the site dates back to 8 thousand years ago.


4. Girolata

Another nature reserve. Girolata can be reached only by sea (from the port of Ajaccio). Some of the most beautiful natural panorama of Corsica is waiting for you: a volcanic landscape with steep coastlines and jagged peaks that seem to plunge in the beautiful sea below.


5. Beaches

Finally, among the things to see in Ajaccio and surroundings, there are its beaches: the most beautiful are Marinella, Saint-François, Isolella, Sangone.


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