Corsica: an idea to spend August 15th 2017 in Ajaccio

August 15th in Corsica

Spending summer in Corsica is the wish of your next summer holiday. And the main day of summer holidays can only be August 15th. Do you need some idea for this day? We can suggest you an itinerary to discover Ajaccio, the island of beauty’s main town.

  • Morning. You have two options: you can admire Napoleone Bonaparte’s hometown, visiting places like the cathedral, the imperial chapel and the citadel; or, you can choose your favorite among the beaches of Ajaccio and its surroundings and spend half a day devoted exclusively to relaxation.
  • Packed lunch, or a very light lunch.
  • Afternoon. There are four naturalistic jewels rising from the sea in front of Ajaccio. We are talking about the suggestive Sanguinaires Islands. They offer stunning views on the sea. In the afternoon, we suggest you to arrange an excursion to these islands.
  • Dinner. In the historic center of Ajaccio, there are a lot of cozy restaurants. Where to comfortably sit and taste some of the typical Corsica dishes: charcuterie, fish grill, civet de sanglier and bouillarbasse are real specialties you can’t miss.
  • Evening. Now, it depends a lot on your tastes. If you are planning to spend a quiet evening, you can enjoy a pleasant summer stroll in Napoleone Bonaparte’s town. If you want to dance until the early morning lights, at half an hour drive from Ajaccio you will find Le Blue Moon, one of the most famous discos of Corsica.


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