Region of Balagne, Corsica: a journey in 5 panoramas

Balagne Corsica

Corsica is an island without equal, where you can go, in a few kilometers, from Caribbean beaches to mountains where you can go hiking. And there is an area, along the northern coast, even more peculiar. Because it can offer very different landscapes. Don’t you believe it? Then you just have to touch and visit the Balagne region.

  • The city. In this case, the city to visit can only be Calvi. Its citadel, which stands on a promontory that juts out into the sea, is simply spectacular. Its narrow streets offer suggestive opportunities for walks. And you will always be accompanied by the voice and the scents of the sea.
  • Beaches. From Calvi, you can easily reach some of the most beautiful beaches of northern Corsica. Places that do not fear comparisons, for the whiteness of the sand and the transparency of the sea, not even with the Caribbean. This is demonstrated by places like Algajola and Arinella, just to mention two of the best known.
  • The Revellata lighthouse. Leaving the city and heading west towards Porto, you will notice a small rise on which the picturesque chapelle de Notre Dame de la Serre stands. At the base of the hill, a non-binding path begins, suitable for everyone. Path that in about an hour will take you to the lighthouse of the Revellata. Needless to say, the view that you can admire from up there is simply incomparable.
  • The mountains. The mountains of Corsica will delight all lovers of trekking and hiking. In the Balagne area, there are two to explore with boots and a great desire to walk: Mount Grosso, covered with pines and chestnut trees, suitable for cycling and hiking; Mount Cinto, the highest in Corsica, but in this case the paths that cross it are very demanding and recommended only for expert hikers.
  • The street of the craftsmen. Balagne can boast an ancient tradition of craftsmanship. A tradition that can be discovered and admired walking along the so-called Via degli artigiani: it crosses the slopes of the mountains from Calvi to Ile-Rousse and is dotted with artisan shops where leather, ceramics and wood are worked.

How many suggestions can Balagne give you? So many, as you could see. Suggestions that you can discover simply by booking a place on one of the ferries to Corsica.


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