Bastelica, Corsica: 3 reasons to visit this picturesque small village

Bastelica Corsica


Imagine this scene: a small, quiet village in a green valley. A real mix of nature, tranquillity, and outdoor activities. Well, there’s a place that has just all of these characteristics: it is Bastelica and is located in Corsica.


#1: Ski

If you’re planning to spend a holiday in winter, not far from Bastelica there is one of the places where to ski in Corsica. In fact, the ski resort of Val d’Ese is situated at 1,600 meters above sea level. Here, you’ll find everything you could ever want during a ski holiday: slopes for experienced skiers and beginner, and ski lifts.


#2: Excursions and outdoor activities

Bastelica is the highest village in the Prunelli valley. And it is surrounded by a landscape, where nature offers many opportunities for hiking and outdoor activities.

  • In Cauro, there is an artificial lake, an ideal place for paddleboats, canoes, and kayak. All this, in a scenery characterized by the presence of walnuts and chestnuts.
  • The whole valley is crossed by several paths that lead towards Renoso Mount (one of the mountains of Corsica), Vitalaca Lake and Scaldasole Hill.


#3: Culinary specialties

Gastronomy is the third reason to visit Bastelica during a holiday in Corsica. This place, in fact, is also famous for the quality of its meats. In addition, the bastilicacciu is one of the most famous (and, of course, delicious) cheeses of Corsica.


These are the three main reasons why it really would be worth visiting Bastelica during a holiday in the beautiful island of beauty. Now, you just have one thing to do: book a ferry to Corsica.


Image source: Di I, Martin1813, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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