Bastia beaches: where to find the most beautiful

Bastia beaches

It’s the city of the statue of Napoleon in San Nicola Square, of the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, of the Pavillon des Nobles XII. But, talking about what to see in Bastia, we must not forget that this city is located on the edge of a pristine sea. Where there are some of the most beautiful beaches you can find along the north coast of Corsica.

  • City beach. The city beach has the sand and is very long. It’s equipped with all the services and, especially not of secondary importance, it’s easily reachable on foot.
  • Arinella. From Bastia, it takes about ten minutes by car to get there. Ten minutes and you can lie down on a long strip of white sand and excellently maintained.
  • Nonza. It’s a short distance from Bastia and could be an idea for an excursion during a holiday. Considered one of the most beautiful inhabited centers of Cap Corse, the village of Nonza is famous especially for the presence of its characteristic beach of black pebbles.
  • Saleccia. Return to the protected area of the Agriates desert. Why choose Saleccia? It’s easy to say: the sea is turquoise, the transparent water, the fine sand, is surrounded by Mediterranean scrub. It can only be reached by sea or from nearby beaches.
  • Lodo. A white and uncontaminated beach, immersed in a bay surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation. The true beauty of this beach is in the contrast between the turquoise of the sea and the intense green of nature. This beach is also located in the desert of the Agriates and can only be reached in two ways: by walking along two paths, or by sea.
  • Beaches of Ile-Rousse. Ile-Rousse is located some distance from Bastia but it’s worth it. Because here are some of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica, like Algajola.
  • Beaches of Cap Corse. This is the peninsula that starts right at the height of Bastia. Peninsula that reserves enchanting and wild beaches, such as Plage de Tamarone and Cala Genovese.

Here is where to find the most beautiful beaches of Bastia. Consider also that around the city there are many others, smaller and less famous but still to be seen during your trip to Corsica.


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