Corsica: the 10 most beautiful places to see during a holiday in Bastia

Bastia things to see

It’s the main city along Corsica north coast. An ancient and beautiful destination. Where the places to discover would be really several. And, since you have decided to visit it, these are the seven most beautiful things to see in Bastia, Corsica.


Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste (St Jean Baptiste Cathedral)

You’ll visit one of the largest religious building in Corsica. This church is famous for its two bell towers. Inside, there are frescoes made by two Florentine artists, Olimpio Bandinelli and Oreste Malfanti, in 1870.


Chapelle Notre Dame de Monserrato

In the XVIII century, this church housed the Roman priests exiled by Napoléon Bonaparte, the first French emperor. In 1881, Pope Pius VII wanted to thank this church donating her the Scala Sancta (Holy Stair) that can still be admired in Chapelle Notre Dame de Monserrato.


Plage de l’Arinella

It is located just south of Bastia, easy to reach taking the T11 road and following the road signs. Plage de l’Arinella is the largest among the beaches of Bastia, it is sandy and can offer several services. There are also many parking lots. This beach is recommended for spending a day dedicated only to relaxation.


Pond of Biguglia

Driving along the T11 towards south, passed plage de l’Arinella, you can get to the pond of Biguglia (or Chiorino). This spectacular lagoon is an real treasure of biodiversity and is a great idea for an excursion.


Palais des Gouverneurs

It was, originally, a very small tower, built by Leonello Lomellini, the founder of the city of Bastia, in 1380. The tower was later transformed into a castle with the purpose of protecting the city. And only at the end of the Fifteenth century it became the residence of the Genoese governors, hence the name. The Palais des Gouverneurs, located in the citadel of Bastia, today houses the Ethnographic museum of Bastia.


Jardin Romieu

A very evocative name for a garden that will give you one of the most beautiful views. The Jardin Romieu is located at the foot of the Palais des Gouverneurs. Built between 1874 and 1875, it is composed of a series of terraces that descend towards the sea and a spectacular monumental staircase that connects the citadel to the new port.


Pavillon des Nobles XII

“Noble twelve” were the delegates of parish churches, and this palace was built for them in 1703. It’s near Palais des Gouverneurs, and here took place the duel between Giacinto Paoli and a noble of Bastia.


Statue of Napoleon

Made by Lorenzo Bartolini, this statue arrived in Bastia in 1854 and was positioned in Place Saint-Nicolas. It is one of the symbols of the city, and one of the things to see.


Place Saint-Nicolas (or Piazza San Nicolau)

The Nineteenth-century Place Saint-Nicolas is the real heart of the city of Bastia. The origin of the name is the presence of a chapel that was then demolished. Since it’s very large, several and different events often takes place here. It is a sort of meeting point of the city.


Boulevard Paoli

Boulevard Paoli is the last of the ten most beautiful places to see in Bastia. It is the commercial area of the city, with shops, bars, pubs, and boutiques. It is a large and elegant street, the facades of the houses are in Tuscan style, and it is dedicated to Pasquale Paoli, hero of the Corsican independence.


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