The beaches of Ile-Rousse and surroundings: the most beautiful are these 9

Ile-Rousse beaches

It is well known: the beaches of Corsica do not fear comparisons. Will the destination of your next trip be the north coast of the island of beauty? Then you can not miss the beaches of Ile-Rousse.


The 9 beaches

  1. City beach. It is the most loved and frequented by the inhabitants of Ile-Rousse. Being the city beach it is equipped with all the facilities you could wish for. Besides behind the city beach there is the famous Promenade de la Marinella, or the seafront of Ile-Rousse.
  2. Plage de Caruchetu. Also in this case it is a sandy beach, like the city beach, but much less crowded, even during the high season. From here also a path leads to the cliff, in the middle of the eucalyptus.
  3. Plage de Bodri. A simply magnificent beach: an expanse of immaculate sand lapped by a sea of ​​intense turquoise color veined with blue.
  4. Plage de Lozari. In the direction of the city of Bastia, in the homonymous gulf of Lozari. This beach has a perfect half moon shape, obviously white sand and obviously unforgettable sea. It can be reached through a paved path.
  5. Davia. A small beach that opens into a bay. It is a small corner of paradise.
  6. Algajola. A destination especially indicated for families and in general for those who want to enjoy a holiday of well-deserved relaxation. This seaside resort in northern Corsica has a three kilometer long white sandy beach. Algajola meta is also recommended for kitesurf enthusiasts.
  7. Marina di Sant’Ambrogio. A beach that is able to satisfy all tastes: it is ideal for those who just want a little ‘healthy relaxation, here you can practice various water sports, also located at a short distance from two of the liveliest and most visited inhabited centers of northern Corsica , or Ile-Rousse and Calvi.
  8. Arinella. Light sand, calm and very long sea: this is the beach of Arinella, between Algajola and Calvi.
  9. Sainte-Restitude. Among the beaches of Ile-Rousse there is also that of Sainte-Restitude: it is located in a small bay, the sea is always very quiet, on the sides of the beach there are several rocks that emerge from the water, and it is suitable for all snorkeling.

Diving in the sea that laps these nine beaches, you will surely notice: in Ile-Rousse and surroundings you can discover some of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica.


What to see in Calvi

What does Calvi have to do with it, since we are talking about the beaches of Ile-Rousse? In fact, Calvi is the main town in the area and not visiting it would be a pity: among the many things to see, there are, for example, the citadel, the marina, the pro-cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste and the Sel tour. Especially considering that Calvi and Ile-Rousse are just over twenty kilometers away.


How to move

During this holiday to discover the most beautiful beaches of Ile-Rousse, you will need to move a lot. From this point of view, we advise you to bring a car or a motorbike (which you can take on the ferry). In this way, you can move freely and do not depend on the public transport service.


How to get

How can you enjoy the beaches, the sun and the sea that Ile-Rousse offers to all its visitors? There is nothing simpler: you just have to book a place on one of the ferries to Corsica that arrive until Ile-Rousse and you’re done.


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