The black beach of Nonza: one of the most peculiar of Corsica

black beach Corsica: Nonza

It is one of the most peculiar beaches in the whole Corsica. And also one of the less visited and known (we will say later what’s the reason). However, if your vacation will be along the northern coast of the island of beauty, the advice we can give is to visit the famous black beach of Nonza.

The beauty of the place isn’t questioned. And the origin of this peculiar beauty is the contrast of colors: on one side there is the intense turquoise of the sea, on the other side there is the dark shade of the sand. A simply unique sight. The beach is quite large and is surrounded by low green hills. A place like this offers the most complete relaxation.

The village of Nonza is located on a rock overlooking the beach. So, why is it not so much visited?

  • The first reason is that, nearby, there is an old mine, now abandoned, and residues of mining have given this color to the beach.
  • The second reason would be the strong wind but it is only a urban legend.

The village of Nonza and its black beach are located on the northern coast of Corsica, near Cap Corse (the so-called “finger of Corsica”). The main towns nearby are Bastia and Saint Florent: in both cases, to reach Nonza, take the D81 and then the D80 towards north. By car, it takes about half an hour from Saint Florent, and about 50 minutes from Bastia.


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