Bodri beach: all the tranquility of the northern coast of Corsica

Bodri beach Corsica

Imagine a calm place, full of nature, far away from the modernity but easy to reach. And it’s also touched by a sea like you won’t easily see in other parts, the dream of every tourist. It exists and it’s the Bodri beach, on the northern coast of Corsica.


The beach

It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in the northern Corsica. Plage de Bodri is small and with a tropical atmosphere: the sand is pure white and, especially in sunny days, the sea is crystal clear.


Who should visit it

The beach has a perfect geographic position which, literally, keeps it hide. And for this reason, Plage di Bodri is never too crowded, neither during summer. If you’re looking for a relaxing place, you’ve just found it.

In summer, sometimes, it’s visited by nudists because of its tranquility.


How to reach it

Bodri beach is near Ile-Rousse. You have two options to reach it:

  • Take the N917 and follow the road signs to Bodri (in this case you have to go by car)
  • Use the public transport service that connects Ile-Rousse with Bodri.


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