The aquarium of Bonifacio: a place for families

Bonifacio aquariumIt’s particularly appreciated by children and adults. The opportunity to admire the precious marine life that inhabit this part of the Tyrrhenian Sea. And one of the several things to see during a vacation to Bonifacio. These are the reasons to visit the famous aquarium of Bonifacio.

Where it is – The city is built around an inlet that resembles a small fjord with white limestone walls overlooking the sea. The port of Bonifacio, mainly tourist, is in the fjord. And the aquarium of Bonifacio in here, in the port. Reach the aquarium is easy: it seems to welcome all visitors to this city on the south coast of Corsica.

The aquarium – There is a small grotto in the port, in which the aquarium is housed. Composed of 13 tanks, all located inside the cave, the most representative species of the Tyrrhenian sea are kept in this aquarium: dogfishes, red and blue crabs, moray eels, wrasses, lobsters, starfishes, anemones.

The story – It was born from the collaboration with the local fishermen, who bring rarest and most interesting specimens to the aquarium. The message is simple: know, love and respect the sea.

The Strait of Bonifacio – The aquarium is part of the Natural reserve of the Strait of Bonifacio: another good reason to visit this place during a holiday in Corsica.


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