What to see during a holiday in Bonifacio: cliffs, citadels, beaches

Bonifacio what to seeIf  Bonifacio is one of the Corsican cities to visit there is a good reason. This is a big, ancient and suggestive city. With a lot of places to see during a holiday in Corsica.

The citadel – Bonifacio is a fortified city, built on calcareous rocks. And the citadel is the heart of Bonifacio: a maze of alleyways, little squares, bastions, neighborhoods, ancient palaces overlooking the sea.

Strait of Bonifacio – White and high sheer sea cliffs: this is the Strait of Bonifacio, that separates south coast of Corsica from Sardinia. From Place du Marché and Place de la Manichella are the best places to admire the white cliffs of the Strait.

La Marine – The port of Bonifacio, especially during spring and summer, is a very popular places of Bonifacio: here there are a lot of pubs and clubs.

Eglise Sainte-Marie-Majeure – It’s the most ancient building of the city of Bonifacio. Probably built in XI century, in the Haute ville, it’s a Romanic style church.

Escalier du Roi d’Aragon – The so-called staircase of King of Aragon is one of the main attraction of Bonifacio. 189 steps, it’s a 60 meters long staircase to sea. Very steep, it’s made directly in the rock of the cliff. From the staircase of King of Aragon it’s possible to see the sea stacks.

Eglise Saint-Dominique – The biggest Church of Corsica. It’s architecture mixes Gothic style and Romanic style elements.

Aquarium – The best way to discover the life of Corsican sea: in the Aquarium there are dogfishes, red and blue striped crabs, morays, lobsters.

Beaches – Bonifacio is a city on sea. And so, other places to see are its beaches, such as Plage de Sotta Rocca, Plage de la Catena, Plage de l’Arinella.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/andrea25

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