Corsica: the 5 most beautiful beaches to see in Calvi and surroundings

Calvi Corsica beaches

They are a fundamental part of any itinerary to see Calvi, in Corsica. Especially if the holiday is in summer (but also in the spring, with a bit of luck, you could take a dip in the sea). In other words, you want to know which are the most beautiful beaches in Calvi and surroundings.

It’s these five.

  1. The beach of Calvi. The list begins with the beach town, easily accessible and suitable for a holiday dedicated to relaxation: Plage de Calvi is very long, composed by sand, alternating free parts to parts occupied by Lidos. Also, given the proximity to the city, you will have a whole range of services available. Plage de Calvi is also suitable for those who are spending a holiday with children.
  2. Algajola. It is about twenty minutes drive from Calvi. Twenty minutes by car and you can see one of the most beautiful beaches of the whole Corsica. Well-known by kitesurfing enthusiasts, located halfway between Calvi and Ile-Rousse, Algajola is a large golden sandy beach about three kilometres long.
  3. Punta Spano. Just under half an hour’s drive and you will arrive, following the signs to Punta Spano, to free parking. From here, on foot you can reach two small sandy beaches divided by a rocky part (where you can still lie down or dive into the sea). This is a service-free area.
  4. Arinella. It is located near the town of Lumio, less than twenty minutes away by car. The characteristics of the beach of Arinella are white sand, quiet water and very long coastline: perfect for a day dedicated only to the sun and the sea.
  5. Golfo della Revellata. To the west of Alvi, you will open the golfo della Revellata. In its narrowest part, there is a small immaculate beach that you will not forget so easily. Nearby you can park.

To see the most beautiful beaches of Calvi, it’s just one thing you have to do: book a ferry trip to Corsica.


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