Electro music on the island of beauty: Calvi on the rocks 2017

  • Published: 17-05-2017
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Calvi on the rocks 2017

You want to enjoy a short trip. And listen to electro music. Better if in one of the most fascinating tourist destinations of the Mediterranean Sea. Is there really an event that can offer all this? The answer is yes: we are talking about the 2017 edition of Calvi on the rocks, which will take place from June 30th to July 5th.


On the rocks

Take the best electro music, played by some of the most important national and international artists. Add a mix of innovation and tradition. And a long sandy beach and an unforgettable sea.

Well, these are the elements that every year, and 2017 will certainly not be an exception, make Calvi on the rocks simply unique.

  • In the afternoon, the beach of Calvi will be enlivened by DJ-sets, shows, art exhibitions and aperitifs.
  • In the evening, the location where to dance and have fun until dawn is the Théâtre de Verdure.

(The official program hasn’t been communicated yet.)



Music will be the main but not the only protagonist of this holiday. That will take place in summer. So, between a concert and an aperitif, there will be the best conditions to:


How to get there

Calvi is also one of the most important ports where the ferries to Corsica dock: every day, several departures are scheduled. Alternatively, Calvi is easy to reach from some of the main towns on the island, such as Bastia and Ile-Rousse.


Further information

For further information about the 2017 edition of Calvi on the rocks (complete program, tickets, any changes of dates), you can visit the official website of the event, Calviontherocks.com.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/15386169@N06

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