Cap Corse, the Corsican peninsula: these are the 5 most beautiful beaches

Cap Corse beaches


It’s the Corsican peninsula, also called “the finger of Corsica”. Destination that will delight any motorcyclist, Cap Corse, along the north coast of the island of beauty, is to visit for another, very good reason: its beaches.

And these are the five most beautiful:

  1. The beach of Bastia. Bastia is one of the main tourist ports for the ferries to Corsica, and here begins the itinerary of the most beautiful beaches of Cap Corse. The beach of Bastia is sandy, very long and easy to reach.
  2. Plage de Tamarone. Almost at the northern end of Cap Corse, it is reachable by car following a dirt road that begins near Macinaggio. At Plage de Tamarone, you will feel the sensation of being far away of modernity, completely surrounded by wonderful sea and Mediterranean scrub.
  3. Cala Genovese. Also this beach is easy to reach from the village of Macinaggio, along the Doganieri trail. Fine sand, about 150 meters long, with no facilities available, Cala Genovese is a cove in a small bay. The beach is never crowded, even in summer.
  4. Anse d’Aliso. A fabulous sea in a small gulf surrounded by low hills and Mediterranean scrub. This real paradise of tranquillity can be reached by driving along the D80.
  5. Canari. It is located on the west coast of Cap Corse. Like the surrounding area, the Canari territory is also a spectacular mix of woods and charming beaches, though not easy to reach.

To these five beaches, one of the most beautiful of Cap Corse, we can add a sixth, very particular place for several reasons: we are talking about the black beach of Nonza. And if you’re not satisfied yet, we can suggest a further itinerary: the ten most beautiful beaches in Corsica.


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