Cargèse sound system 2015: three days with DJs, rock and electro

  • Published: 29-06-2015
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Cargèse sound system 2015

There is a special feeling between Corsica and the music. In summer, young people from all over Europe will gather on the west coast to attend Cargèse sound system 2015, from August 7 to 9.


The festival

Nasser, Anja Schneider, Oxia and Husbands are some of the artists who will perform during the three days of Cargèse sound system. For a festival that combines DJ, rock and electro music. And the music starts in the early afternoon to continue late at night. It’s a young and dynamic event.


How to get there

The main town near Cargèse is Ajaccio, one of the most important ports where ferries to Corsica dock. Once in Ajaccio, you have to take the D81 road towards north and follow the signs to Cargèse. The advice is to move with a car or motorcycle, carried on the ferry.


And while you’re there…

If music is the main reason that brought you here, don’t forget that near Cargèse there are the several beaches of Ajaccio, ideal places to relax while you’re waiting for the next concert of Cargèse sound system 2015.


More information

For more information about 2015 edition of Cargèse sound system (complete program, tickets), you can visit the official website of the event,


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