Cargèse sound system 2016: three days of rock, electro and DJ music

  • Published: 15-06-2016
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Cargèse sound system 2016


DJ, rock and electro music. In a small town on the west coast of Corsica. A very famous town among the youth. And the music starts in the early afternoon and continues until late at night. Especially from August 6th to 8th. When Cargèse sound system 2016 will take place.


The 2016 program:

  • August 6th, Saturday: Sound system on the beach at Plage du Pero; Paul Ritch (DJ set); Chloé (DJ set); Casablanca Drivers (electro rock).
  • August 7th, Sunday: Sound system on the beach at Plage du Pero; Sara Zinger / Charlotte; Seth Troxler (DJ set); Sebo K (DJ set); OWLS (electro rock).
  • August 8th, Monday: closing event at Plage du Pero; Molly (DJ set); Varoslav (DJ set).



It’s not “only” a place where to listen to good music. It’s also one of the most beautiful villages in Corsica. It’s known as “the city of the two churches”: the first is Latin, the second is Greek.

Between a DJ set and an electro rock concert, you could get to Ajaccio, the Corsica capital city. In Ajaccio and surroundings, the places to see are really several. And, of course, there are some beautiful beaches to see.


How to get there

Ajaccio is the main port near Cargèse. To get there:

  • Take D81 road to Acqua Longa;
  • From Acqua Longa, take D31 road and follow the road signs to Ajaccio.

The journey by car takes about one hour.


Further information

For further information about Cargèse sound system 2016, you can visit the official website of the event,


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