Carnival 2016 in France: two events in Corsica dedicated solely to fun

  • Published: 13-01-2016
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Carnival 2016 in France: Corsica

When you say Corsica, in France, the first things that come to your mind are the most beautiful beaches. Which are synonym for summer. But the island of beauty is to visit even in winter. Especially during Carnival 2016. And especially if the destination of this vacation are Ajaccio and Sartène.


1. The Carnival of Ajaccio

In a sense, this is a “classic” Carnival, enlivened by events in the streets, float parades, Carnival masks, confetti, colors, music. For this occasion, the city of Ajaccio wears a funny atmosphere.

This year, Mardi Gras is February 9. For further information about the Carnival of Ajaccio, you can visit ville d’Ajaccio official website,


2. The Carnival of Sartène

It’s one of the most important and long-awaited events on the island of beauty. Born in 2001 thanks to a group of friends who wanted to revive the great glories of the Carnival of Sartène, today this event is a real must. For two days, the inhabitants of this small village will gather in the square to parade with floats.

Usually, the Carnival of Sartène takes place between early March and early May. For further information, contact A Scumissa association.


These are the two ideas if you’d like to spend Carnival 2016 on the island of beauty. Have you chosen your favorite one? So, now you have just one thing to do: book a ferry trip to Corsica.


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