Castagniccia fair 2015: discover the traditions of Corsica

  • Published: 6-03-2015
  • Category: Events

Castagniccia fair 2015It’s a little town in the West part of Corsica. A picturesque town, completely immersed in the nature of this Tyrrhenian island. A place with an ancient and relaxing atmosphere, where you can discover the traditions of Corsica. In this scenery Castagniccia fair 2015 will take place on April 5-6.

The two days of this event will be completely dedicated to the traditions of Castagniccia and Corsica. Merendella (this is the name of Castagniccia fair) it’s a food-and-wine event that takes place at the end of Easter week.

Castagniccia fair is the occasion to taste typical Corsica recipes and to find little works of art made by local craftsmen. This event gathers pastry chefs, chefs, potters, jewelers. These craftsmen will show their works in stands and awnings.

Castagniccia fair 2015 is an unmissable occasion to discover the traditions of this part of Corsica, and to taste its typical dishes. And during this event you can hike too: some of the excursions in this place are San Petrone mountain, the forests, the beaches.


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