Boat trips from Bonifacio: towards 2 spectacular caves

caves of Bonifacio


The famous white cliffs of Bonifacio are a real spectacle of nature: long sheer cliffs overlooking a fabulous sea offer many surprises for all travellers. Surprises such as these two caves, a must-see during a vacation along the south coast of Corsica.


The 2 caves

  • Cave of Saint Antoine. It is located just below the so-called gouvernail de la Corse (literally, “the helm of Corsica”, the southernmost point of the island). It is a large triangular-shaped cave in a high cliff. For its particular form, its nickname is “Napoleon’s hat”.
  • Cave of Sdragonato. The name means “little dragon”. To reach it, it takes about one hour by boat but the spectacle is unique. In fact, the Sdragonato cave is depicted in the photo above: on the ceiling, there is an opening that creates evocative play of light and shadow.


How to get there

Every day, especially in summer, several boat trips depart from the port of Bonifacio and bring visitors to these two caves. You can, in the same day, see them both. Usually, these boat tours are inclusive of lunch.


Other boat trips

As already said, these two caves are a real must. But they are certainly not the only boat trips starting from Bonifacio. Indeed, there are also the beautiful island of Lavezzi (especially for divers), the island of Cavallo (on which, however, is not possible to stop), and the Sperone promontory (with its turquoise sea).


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