Christmas relaxation: vacation to Corsica among traditions and slow rhythms

Christmas relaxation

Stress, anxiety, haste. So many things to do that overlap: family, work, study. You are very, too tired. Now take a moment and draw a long breath. Count to ten. Yes, it’s time to take a holiday now. That could become a nightmare even if it’s Christmas. But not if you will choose Corsica for your journey dedicated to relaxation.


Away from the crowds

The exotic and mountain destinations are assaulted by crowds of tourists. Find a flight or a hotel is more difficult than getting on a bus in morning rush hour times. The only idea to be in a place like this is enough to frighten you.

Then there is Corsica. A different destination. Where you can spend a couple of relaxing days in winter. And leave the car at home.


Between snow and relaxation

Can you imagine a more relaxing panorama than snow? A white coat that covers everything as far as the eye can see, the tranquility of the mountains, the opportunity to practice sports. Not everyone knows that in Corsica you can even ski: the best time to do this is in January and February but even in December you can find snow.


The culinary specialties

Charcuterie, brocciu, salt-cured meats, civet de sanglier, veau aux olives: these names are enough to make your mouth water. Why not spend a winter holiday dedicated solely to the sins of the throat? After all, discovering a country means also sitting at the table and taste. Things to eat in Corsica are so many.


Where time seems to have stopped

The last idea for this relaxing Christmas in Corsica is the most… relaxing. There are 7 villages that you should see. Small villages which are situated in the heart of the mountains or overlook semi-deserted stretches of coast. Made of stone houses separated by narrow streets. Where time seems to have stopped.


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