Col de Vergio pass: skiing in the heart of Corsican mountains

Col de Vergio ski

You want to spend pleasant ski holidays. But you don’t know where to go. Would you like a place not too far but able to satisfy even the most experienced skiers? Well, Corsica offers not only beaches and sea. And one of the destinations for skiing on the island of beauty is Col de Vergio ski resort.


The ski resort

In this ski resort, you will find:

  • five ski runs for experienced skiers (one black, two red, one blue, one green)
  • two ski runs for beginners
  • six ski lifts
  • a bar-hotel-restaurant

In addition to this, there are a ski school and a ski rental service.


Where is the ski resort

Col de Vergio is a mountain pass between North Corsica and South Corsica. The ski resort is located in the comune of Albertacce, near Col de Verghju (in Corsican language). Usually, the first snow falls in December and you can ski until mid-April.


How to get there

Col de Vergio pass is crossed by D84 road. The two most important nearby tourist ports are Ajaccio, on the western coast, and Bastia, on the northern coast:

  • To get there from Bastia, take N193 road towards south. Before you arrive in Omessa, take D84 road and follow the road signs to Col de Vergio. The journey by car takes about two hours.
  • To get there from Ajaccio, take the D81 road towards north, follow the road signs to D70 road and, once you arrive in Evisa, take D84 road to Col de Vergio. The journey by car takes less than two hours.

In both cases, take the snow chains with you.


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