These are the 10 things to do absolutely during your vacation in Corsica

Corsica things to do

Which is the best part of the holiday? Discover the destination, some might say. Visit places that will give pleasant memories, according to others. We suggest to combine both these ways. Following this list with the 10 things to do during a vacation to Corsica.

  1. Taste the appetizer. Its name is charcuterie. And it is one of the things to eat in Corsica. It is an appetizer prepared with cheese (usually brocciu), prisutto, figatellu, lonzu.
  2. See the sunset on Sanguinaires Islands. They lie just off the coast of Ajaccio, the capital city of Corsica. They have this name because, at sunset, a beautiful vermilion nuance color them. You will not forget so easily a panorama like this. Especially during a romantic vacation.
  3. Visit Napoleon’s house. Can you imagine a vacation to Corsica without paying homage to the most famous son of the island of beauty? Musée national de la maison Bonaparte is located in the historic center of Ajaccio. Here, on August 15, 1769, was born the man who would become the first French emperor.
  4. See the Strait of Bonifacio. If we are talking about views, the Strait of Bonifacio is second to none: white cliffs overlooking a beautiful sea. After all, this is one of the most beautiful places of Corsica.
  5. Buy brocciu. To give an idea, it’s called casgiu naziunale, “national cheese”. Do not taste it may be an offense for the inhabitants of Corsica.
  6. Admire Agriates desert. A view that you will never expect to find in Corsica. In the heart of North Corsica, it is a barren area made of Mediterranean scrub, small shrubs and rocky outcrops. The best way to see it is by motorcycle.
  7. Lie on (at least) two of Corsican most beautiful beaches. Here, you are spoilt for choice. We suggest you two beaches, above all: Palombaggia and Rondinara.
  8. Participate in one of Corsican music festivals. In spring and summer, Corsica sounds of various music genres: jazz, electro, rock, pop, traditional music. Some of the most important are Festival jazz Equinoxe, Calvi on the rocks, Estivoce/Festivoce, Nuits de la guitare, Rencontres de chants polyphoniques.
  9. Visit Ghisoni. A lovely Sixteenth-century town, built on the hills and surrounded by lush forests. A place where time seems to have stopped. Do you really need any other reason to visit it?
  10. Diving at Lavezzi Islands. It is a small (and wonderful) archipelago, just off Bonifacio. Its waters are rich in life and colors.

These 10 things to do in Corsica will make your vacation unforgettable.


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