Corsica 2016: i Maistrelli and the magical tradition of Christmas chants

  • Published: 23-11-2016
  • Category: Events

Corsican Christmas chants 2016


There is a special connection between Corsica and singing. Proofs are the famous Corsican polyphonic songs. And one of the most characteristic Christmas traditions of the island: the Christmas chants. The opportunity to listen to them? It’s the concert of i Maistrelli, scheduled on December 16th, 2016, in the church of St. Erasmus, in Ajaccio.

  1. Incanti di Natali. This is the title of the new project that I Maistrelli will present on the occasion of the concert. Music enthusiasts will experience a real journey in the Corsican folk music, accompanied by this female group: in the tracklist of Incanti di Natali there are the most famous Corsican and international Christmas songs. The proceeds from the concert will then be donated to charity.
  2. Ajaccio. Even if your passion for music took you here, this is a great occasion to visit one of the most beautiful Corsican cities and its surroundings. The place and the things to see are really several: monuments, sea landscapes, natural reserves, and archaeological sites.
  3. Further information. For further information about the concert Incanti di Natali, you can visit And here you have a video to appreciate the talent of i Maistrelli:


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