Corsica in 5 days: the recommended itineraries to visit the island of beauty

Corsica in 5 days

Visit the island of beauty is one of your desires. A desire that it’s time to realize. Here we go: you have five days to visit Corsica and you need some good itineraries to plan the vacation. Good itineraries such as these five:


Itinerary #1: the beaches on the north coast

  • Algajola
  • Plage de Lozari
  • Plage de Bodri
  • Arinella
  • Plage de Loto

The first itinerary is recommended if you want to spend a holiday dedicated solely to sun, sea and relaxation. The northern Corsica beaches are sandy, quite small, very quiet and surrounded by unspoiled nature.

These five beaches are easy to reach from Ile-Rousse taking the N197 road. Each of these five places is a good idea for swimming, snorkeling or simply sunbathing.


Itinerary #2: the cities

  • Porto Vecchio
  • Bonifacio
  • Ajaccio
  • Calvi
  • Bastia

These five are some of Corsican cities to visit. These places are rich in history and culture, overlooking the beautiful sea of Corsica. And it is also a very long journey: from one city to another, you could drive for three hours. You will, in practice, visit the whole island of beauty.


Itinerary #3: the most beautiful places

  • Ile-Rousse and désert des Agriates
  • Castagniccia
  • Ghisoni
  • Ajaccio and Sanguinaires Islands
  • Palombaggia, Rondinara and Strait of Bonifacio

Another quite long itinerary but it’s even more fascinating than the previous. You will, in five days, see the most beautiful places in Corsica: among beaches, white cliffs, natural regions, a fabulous sea and an unexpected desert. Simply unforgettable.


Itinerary #4: the villages

  • Propriano
  • Sartène
  • Cargèse
  • Piana
  • Porto and Ota

Imagine this scene: small villages on the mountains or overlooking one of the less known Corsica stretch of coast; the slow and relaxing atmosphere; the ancient traditions of the island. This is what the most beautiful villages in Corsica can offer you. The itinerary is recommended if you want to stay in places that seem to be far, far away from stress and bustle.


Itinerary #5: the beaches on the south coast

  • Roccapina
  • Santa Giulia
  • Santa Manza
  • Rondinara
  • Palombaggia

The last of these itineraries to visit Corsica in five days. And it will allow you to discover some of the most beautiful beaches to see in southern Corsica: places such as Palombaggia, Rondinara and Santa Giulia are real dreams. Do you need other beaches? Well, there are San Cipriano, Cala Rossa and Pianottoli.


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