A 7-days vacation to Corsica: an itinerary to discover the island of beauty

Corsica in 7 days

Yes, it is possible to visit Corsica in 7 days and see the most famous places of the island of beauty. Before continuing, there is only one thing that you have to know: this itinerary, from Bastia to Ile-Rousse, is recommended if you want to enjoy an on the road vacation.


First day: Bastia

Corsican northern coast is the starting point. Bastia is a great city. In one day, you can see its main attractions, such as the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and the Palace of the Governors.


Second day: Porto Vecchio

Distance from Bastia: about 150 km.

During the second day of the vacation, you will discover 2 of the most beautiful beaches of southern Corsica, and probably among the most beautiful in the world: Palombaggia and Rondinara. For a day dedicated solely to relaxation.


Third day: Bonifacio

Distance from Porto Vecchio: about 30 km.

The white cliffs, the citadel overlooking the sea, the many churches, the picturesque staircase of King of Aragon, the aquarium and (if you’re not superstitious) the marine cemetery: this is Bonifacio. You will feel a unique atmosphere, between the sea and the charm of history.


Fourth day: Ajaccio

Distance from Bonifacio: about 130 km.

It’s possible to see Ajaccio in one day and discover the beauties of the city of Napoleon, such as the cathedral, the birthplace of the First French Emperor and the citadel. At sunset, don’t miss to see the spectacle of the sun behind Sanguinaires Islands: a panorama for lovers.


Fifth day: Calvi

Distance from Ajaccio: about 160 km.

Welcome to one of the most beautiful Corsican cities. The citadel of Calvi is built on a promontory overlooking the sea. After a pleasant walk, in the afternoon you might relax on the beach of the city, easy to reach.


Sixth day: Ile-Rousse

Distance from Calvi: about 30 km.

Ile-Rousse is synonym for small beaches. Such as the beach of Ile-Rousse. And such as two almost wild places like Plage de Bodri and Plage de Lozari, in the desert of Agriates: you will feel the sensation that those beaches are only waiting for you.


Seventh day: Bastia

Distance from Ile-Rousse: about 70 km.

Last day of this journey to visit Corsica in 7 days. In Bastia again to see what is known as the “finger of Corsica”: it is the peninsula that has precisely the form of a finger pointing north.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/46891291@N02

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