Visit Corsica in autumn: 3 things to know to plan your next journey

Corsica in autumn


Autumn doesn’t mean that holidays are over. Because, in particular between late September and late October, it’s still time for an unforgettable journey. Especially if the destination you’d like to visit is Corsica.


1. Why visit Corsica

Between late September and late October, temperatures in Corsica are more than pleasant: 12°C min, 22°C max. Ideal conditions for walking and hiking. And in late September you could bathe into the sea for the last time of the year.

In addition to this, summer is over. This means: no crowd of tourists and low prices. You will feel the sensation to have Corsica only for you.


2. Ideas for the journey

  • Chestnuts. One of the most characteristic flavours of autumn and one of the great culinary traditions of the island. Castagniccia is a region of Corsica whose name comes from the many chestnut trees. For a family holiday dedicated to nature, walks and relaxation.
  • Flavours and traditions. The culinary traditions of Corsica are several and ancient. The best way to discover them? Choose Sartène as the destination of this journey: it’s a small and picturesque village in the southwest part of Corsica. From Sartène, you can easily reach Propriano and its wonderful beaches.
  • Castles. The most beautiful are three: Algajola, near the sea; Corte, on a high rocky outcrop; forte di Matra, an imposing and austere fortress. Three stages of a very peculiar, suggestive and fascinating itinerary.
  • Villages. Where to go to immerse yourself in scents and colours of autumn? These are the seven most beautiful Corsican villages. Some of them rise in green valleys surrounded by mountains, others overlook the wonderful sea of the island. All of them are unique.


3. How to get

The best way to get to Corsica? It’s ferry. And now you have to do just one thing: book the trip and enjoy this autumn vacation.


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