Corsica, the beach of Lotu: welcome to an untouched paradise

Lotu beach Corsica

For you there is no holiday without beaches. And, during the days of the journey, you want to see at least one but it has to be wonderful, immaculate, and unique. In a word, unforgettable. Will you spend your holiday on Corsica north coast? Then you must know that, next to you, there is Lotu beach.


The beach

The photo is worth a thousand words: welcome to one of the most beautiful beaches along Corsica north coast. And, as you can well imagine, it is pristine, almost wild. If you are looking for clear water and fine white sand, then plage de Loto (this is its name in French) is the perfect beach for you.


The beach is recommended for…

The water is shallow and the place is very quiet: for these two characteristics, Lotu beach could be an ideal destination during a holiday in Corsica with family. But consider that it is not so easy to reach it, there are very few services and it is always very crowded during Summer.

However, when you arrive on this beach, you’ll realize the reason that annually brings hundreds of people to visit it: you do not see a beach like that every day.


How to get there

In order to reach Lotu beach (or plage de Loto) from Ile-Rousse, one of the main town of Corsica north coast, take the N197 road and then the D81 road: about one hour and you will arrive on the beach. Alternatively, you can take a boat trip from Ile-Rousse or from Saint Florent.


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