Relaxing holiday in Corsica: how are the beaches in August?

corsica beaches in august

For your holiday dedicated solely to relaxation, sun, sea and sand, the choice fell on Corsica. And you will visit the island of beauty in the highlight month par excellence of the summer holidays. Before organizing your trip, you therefore need to know: how are the beaches of Corsica in August? We can give you good advice to choose the best area and beaches of Corsica according to the type of holiday you want to experience.


The most beautiful beaches

Rondinara, Palombaggia and Roccapina are just some of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica. So special and spectacular places that they would not even need any introduction. Each of them will give you a fabulous sea, white and soft sand, different services.

The most beautiful, however, are also the most desired by all visitors. In other words, in August you would do well to prepare yourself for the idea that these beaches will also be quite crowded (also because they are not very big), especially those that are along the south coast. But don’tworry, to admire them in all their splendor you will just have to reach them early in the morning, before the other tourists arrive.


Beaches for children

The holidays with the little ones require beaches of a certain type: preferably sandy, easy to reach, possibly equipped with all the services you could wish for, with the shallow water. Santa Manza (Bonifacio), Marinella and Saint-François (Ajaccio) are some of the best beaches for children in Corsica. Also these in summer are quite crowded.


Particular beaches

Now, how to avoid the crowds of tourists and, at the same time, see beaches that have nothing to envy to those we have presented before? There is a solution, indeed there are two. Or:

These beaches even in August are never crowded. But they are almost all very small, lacking or almost of services, and in some cases to reach them may not be very easy (but, we can guarantee, the show you will see will make up for the small excursion on foot).


Have you chosen the beaches you will visit during your holiday in August? So now you just have to book a ferry to Corsica that will take you to the area of ​​the island of the beauty you prefer.


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