Corsica: the 5 best beaches with full facilities on the Island of beauty

beaches of Corsica with full facilities

Before we tell you which are the best beaches with full facilities of Corsica, we have to give an introduction. This island is famous because its shore line is almost entirely intact and untouched. So, take with you beach umbrella, beach mat and, in general, everything you could need on the beach.

But we can still give you some advices to find the best beaches with full facilities of Corsica:

  1. Palombaggia. Welcome to one of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica, perfect for those who are spending a holiday with children here. Even if there are several services, Palombaggia is located near Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio, and it is easy to reach via car.
  2. Santa Manza. In this case, it would be more correct to speak of beaches. In fact, they are located in the homonymous gulf along the southern coast of Corsica. The Gulf of Santa Manza, easy to reach, is just seven kilometers from Bonifacio.
  3. Saint-François. One of the most beautiful beaches of Ajaccio. It is located exactly at the centre of Corsica capital city. In other words, near Saint-François you will find all the facilities you could wish for.
  4. Ile-Rousse. Still a town beach, along the northern coast of Corsica. It is a beach with full services, and it is the favorite beach of the inhabitants of Ile-Rousse. Behind the beach, there is the Promenade de la Marinella, the famous seafront of the town.
  5. Algajola. Especially famous among windsurfers and kite surfers, Algajola beach is sandy, very large, and most of all is a short distance from the homonymous town.

These are the best beaches with full facilities of the island of beauty. And now that you know where to go, you just have one thing to do: book in time your ferry to Corsica.


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