Travelling in Corsica by foot: 3 paths between sea and mountains

Corsica by foot

Holidays dedicated to relaxation on one of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica? Not for you, your ideal travel is made of shoes and a long way ahead. And to cross the Corsica on foot, these are the three best routes.


1. GR 20

It is the path par excellence if you dream to travel in Corsica by foot. The Sentier de grande randonnée 20 crosses the whole island from northwest to northeast, from Calenzana to Conca, for a total of 180 kilometers through the mountains of Corsica.

The legs of the GR 20, to be covered in 15 days, are:

  1. Calenzana – Refuge d’Ortu di u Piobbu
  2. Refuge d’Ortu di u Piobbu – Refuge de Carrozzu
  3. Refuge de Carrozzu – Refuge d’Asco Stagnu
  4. Refuge d’Asco Stagnu – Refuge de Tighjettu
  5. Refuge de Tighjettu – Refuge de Ciottulu di i Mori
  6. Refuge de Ciottulu di i Mori – Refuge de Manganu
  7. Refuge de Manganu – Refuge de Pietra Piana
  8. Refuge de Pietra Piana – Refuge de l’Onda
  9. Refuge de l’Onda – Vizzavona
  10. Vizzavona – Bergeries de Capannelle
  11. Bergeries de Capannelle – Refuge de Prati
  12. Refuge de Prati – Refuge d’Usciolu
  13. Refuge d’Usciolu – Refuge d’Asinao
  14. Refuge d’Asinao – Refuge de Paliri
  15. Refuge de Paliri – Conca


2. Between sea and desert

A path among the most suggestive trails that Corsica can offer to all its visitors, between the pristine sea and the wild, barren colors of Agriates desert, on the northern coast of Corsica. An itinerary divided into three legs to cover in three days:

  1. From Saint Florent to Saleccia: about six hours
  2. From Saleccia to Ghignu: about four hours
  3. From Ghignu to Ostriconi: about seven hours


3. Mare e monti path (“Sea and Mountains”)

It is a path less challenging than the GR 20. To be precise, this trail winds from Calenzana, near Calvi, to Cargèse, near Ajaccio, for a total length of about hundred kilometers. The origin of the name is its main characteristic: the trail overlooks the sea and is dominated by the mountains of north-central Corsica.


These are the three main paths if you want to cross the Corsica by foot. Consider also that they can be “customized”: you can only walk a part of a specific route. And before you book the journey, there are some recommendations for you:

  • be prudent, always
  • don’t overestimate your physical condition
  • take with you sunglasses, hat, a good supply of water and a mobile phone/smartphone
  • if you are not expert, walk with a more experience friend or with a guide


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