The Caribbean beaches of Corsica: the 3 areas where to find them

Corsica spiagge caraibiche

Caribbean beaches have become synonymous with fine white sand, crystal clear water, immaculate nature to surround them. In short, authentic paradises of sun, sea and relaxation. Such places are much closer than you may think. And you can find them in these three areas of Corsica.


Southern Corsica

The beaches of Southern Corsica would not even need any introduction. Because there are names that have become almost legendary among all holidaymakers looking for dream beaches. Just as an example, we can mention “sacred monsters” such as Palombaggia, Rondinara and Santa Giulia.

These beaches are mainly located along the stretch of coast between Bonifacio, overlooking the homonymous as spectacular Bocche di Bonifacio, and Porto Vecchio: just take the T10 to reach them all.


Desert of the Agriates

The desert of the Agriates is one of the most particular areas of Corsica. An area, characterized by the presence of small shrubs, rocky outcrops and verdant Mediterranean vegetation, located along the northern coast of Corsica. The best way to visit is definitely the motorcycle.

“Caribbean” is an adjective that fits perfectly to the beaches of the Corsican desert: Plage de Loto is very well known, Plage de Ghignu and Plage de Fiume Santo a little less but for this reason they are even more special.


Corsican peninsula

You stay along the north coast. “Finger of Corsica” is the nickname given to Cap Corse, the peninsula whose shape is reminiscent of a finger pointing north. And the beaches of Cap Corse will not disappoint you if you are looking for white sand and crystal clear water. Not all are easily accessible but the show that will offer you will repay the small excursion.


Finally, one last gem. Surely you will have noticed, given the places we recommend you to discover: following our directions, in these three areas you will also have the luck (it is appropriate to say) to be able to admire some of the most beautiful beaches of the whole Corsica.


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