Corsica coast race 2016: running between the sea and the mountains

  • Published: 31-08-2016
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Corsica coast race 2016


In this photo, you can see the coast near Saint Florent. Now, since you’re real running enthusiasts, try to imagine this scene: you’re running between the blue of the sea and the green of the nature. This is what awaits you during Corsica coast race 2016, event that will take place from October 23rd to 29th.


The stages

  1. Macinaggio – Centuri (October 23rd)
  2. Saint Florent – Plage de l’Ostriconi (October 24th)
  3. Galeria – Col de la Croix (October 25th)
  4. Sanguinaire – Ajaccio (October 27th)
  5. Campomoro – Pianottoli (October 28th)
  6. Sperone – Port de Bonifacio (October 29th)

For the tenth edition, Corsica coast race will be divided into two different races:

  • The Trail rouge: 166 kilometers along Corsica west coast;
  • The Trail blue: 95 kilometers + the 55-kilometers-long “Ultra” path.


How to get there

The starting point of the first stage is Macinaggio, small town on the coast of the so-called “finger of Corsica”, the Corsican peninsula. The nearby main port is Bastia.

  • From Bastia, take D80 road towards north and follow the road signs to Macinaggio.
  • The journey by car takes about one hour.


Further information

For further information about the 2016 edition of Corsica coast race (how to participate, paths, any changes), you can visit the official website of the event,


What awaits you (VIDEO):


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