The island of Corsica between sea and mountains: this is Cote de Nacre

Cote de Nacre Corsica

The most beautiful beaches of Corsica are, in many cases, even the most crowded, especially during summer. You’d like to see the most “exclusive”, less crowded and special places. Corsica is ready to please you. With Cote de Nacre.


The mother-of-pearl

In the past, there was a very common shell in this area. The precious mother-of-pearl was extracted from this shell. This is the origin of the name of Cote de Nacre (literally, “coast of mother-of-pearl”)

What is the best way to define Cote de Nacre? It is a place enclosed between the sea and the mountains. Along the coast, you will find small coves and long sandy beaches, the first ideal for a family holiday, the second for a holiday dedicated to relaxation.

And what about the inland? In Cote de Nacre, there are a lot of small and picturesque villages. If you look for the most authentic, charming and traditional Corsica, each of these small villages would be to visit. And while you’re there, this is one of the best areas where you can taste the traditional dishes of Corsica, prepared as tradition requires.


How to get there

Cote de Nacre is located along the east coast of Corsica. From the south, the first town you come to is Solenzara. To get to Solenzara from Porto Vecchio, just take the N198 road towards north: about one hour and you will be there.


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