On the beaches of Corsica you can see… cows?

Corsica cows

What do you expect to find on a beach? People, children playing, dogs with their owners, maybe some cat and some too curious gull. Yet, if the chosen destination of your next holiday is Corsica, you have the possibility to see these animals that move around undisturbed: cows.

The scene is this. You are lying comfortably on a soft beach of white sand, enjoying the sun and the sea. And, suddenly, you see this peaceful ruminant strolling placidly amid beach umbrellas and beach towels, surrounded by the astonished looks of the other bathers. Or you can see cows lying in the shade of the vegetation near the beach.

“I can see this scene only on small and little known beaches”, you can say. Instead you can see cows on one of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica: we are talking about Rondinara beach, on Corsica south coast, halfway between Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio. It’s not exactly a remote and never visited place. And don’t try to move cows away!

This thing gives absolutely no hassle to the other bathers on the beach. Indeed, the cows have become a real tourist attraction, appreciated and photographed, almost small stars. And this is not the only beach in Corsica where cows are at home.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/71644910@N00

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