Corsica desert: on motorcycle among mountains and Mediterranean scrub

Corsica desertIt’s a land of dream beaches and cities to visit. And in the heart of North Corsica there is a desert. A desert little uplands and Mediterranea scrub desert. And the sea is the background of this unique scenery. This is the Desert des Agriates.

Désert des Agriates in French, l’Agriate in native Corsican language, the Desert des Agriates is between the towns of Ile Rousse and Saint Florent. In a scenery characterized by uplands, little shrubbery and Mediterranean scrubs. It doesn’t even seem a Corsican landscape.

And the Desert des Agriates is also the only, large area of Corsica where there aren’t coastal roads. In other words the beaches and the bays of this area, and most of them are dream beaches, can be only reached by sea or by curvy dirt patches.

If you are looking for tranquil and little and rarely visited beaches immersed in a stark nature, the Desert des Agriates is perfect for you. Beaches reachable after passing hills, uplands and torrents. In this area there also several towns and villages to visit, such as Ile Rousse, Saint Florent, Palasca, Belgodere, Ogliastro.

The best way to visit the Desert des Agriates? It’s on motorcycle, surely. Motorcycle that you will allow you to freely move in this part of Corsica. Motorcycle that you can put on the ferried to the South Corsica cities, such as Bastia and Ile Rousse.


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