Corsica: the best five dive sites of the island

Corsica dive sitesIf you are looking for unforgettable diving sites, you don’t have to go far. The destination for you is in the heart of Tyrrhenian, where there is the island of Corsica. Its coasts and especially its sea is as good as Caribbean sea and Red Sea.

The divers in this island can chose among several and beautiful sites for diving. And these are the best five dive sites in Corsica, from Bonifacio (south coast) to Porto (west coast).

Lavezzi Islands (Bonifacio) – Lavezzi island are a small archipelago of granite islands and reefs in the Strait of Bonifacio. The beauty, the colors and the underwater life if this archipelago are incomparable

Merouville (Bonifacio) – Even known as Secca delle cernie (“Shallows of groupers”) or Città delle cernie (“City of groupers”), Merouville is near Lavezzi island. The origin of the name of this Corsica dive sites is the presence of big groupers.

Est du Phare (Bonifacio) – Narrow passages, a tangle of submarine tunnels, and an exceptional visibility: this is Est du Phare dive site. Tunnels and narrow passages where live morays, barracuda, sponges and corals.

Scandola (Porto) – A 20 kilometers marine and terrestrial nature reserve. In the cliffs of the Scandola peninsula there are several caves and clefts, and bays reachable only by the sea. The most suggestive dive site is the wreck inhabited by barracuda, groupers, lobsters, corals.

Capo Rosso (Porto) – The last of the best five dive sites in Corsica. It’s promontory overlooking the sea, and its color changes from grey to pink. Under the sea of Capo Rosso there are several caves inhabited by barracuda, corals, sponges, morays, octopuses.


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