Corsica: 3 very, very famous beaches

Corsica famous beaches

Sun, sea, sand and so much relaxation must be the ingredients of the next holiday in Corsica. An island that, from this point of view, has so much to offer. In particular, among the most famous beaches, there are these three. Famous and also very different from each other (and recommended for different types of holiday).


The first…

…is Palombaggia beach. A must-see because it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole Corsica. It is a sort of small paradise with turquoise and transparent water, and with small rocks rising from the sea.

Palombaggia beach is located in southern Corsica, near Porto Vecchio. Since it is so famous, it is also very crowded, especially in summer. But a holiday in Corsica will never be complete without seeing this beach.


The second…

…is plage de Loto. It is a small sandy inlet. The beach is very small and uncontaminated. Its salient characteristics are transparent water and fine white sand. It is not very easy to reach but, precisely for this particular reason, it is almost unspoiled.

Plage de Loto also has another peculiarity. It is, indeed, in the desert of Agriates: an area with rocky hills and Mediterranean scrub. Ideal especially for motorcyclists.


The third…

…is plage de Tamarone, a five-hundred-meters-long sandy beach in the green of Mediterranean scrub. It surprises, in addition to beauty, for the total silence in which it is immersed: you will feel the sensation of being far, far away from modernity.

And then, plage de Tamarone can be reached walking along the Sentier des Douaniers: from Macinaggio to Port de Centuri, a great idea for hikers.


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