Ferries to Corsica: how to have all timetables and all rates available

Corsica ferries timetables and fares

To book your ferry to Corsica (and visit one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean), you need to know two things: what the timetables and the rates are. Below you can find all the information you need.


Check rates and timetables…

…you can do it quickly and easily using our reservation system. In just one screen, in fact, you will have all the information you need to choose the trip, namely:

  • Departure times and companies offering the service;
  • All ticket prices divided by single company.

In this way, in a single screen, you can choose the schedules that are most congenial and the most convenient rates. But let us give you another good advice: to take advantage of the best prices, you should always book in advance of the date you have in mind for departure.


Booking tickets

Another absolutely simple thing to do. We have already said about the reservation system. To book ferry tickets for Corsica, you only need to specify:

  • Direction of travel (towards Corsica or from Corsica);
  • If the trip will be one way or return;
  • The dates of departure and / or return;
  • Age and number of passengers (at least one adult passenger must be present);
  • If you want to board a vehicle (in this case, you must also specify the type, dimensions, if there is an external roof rack, if there is a trailer).

Once you click on Search, the system will provide you, as we have already written before, a screen where all the departure times and all the rates will be present on the selected days. And after filling in all the fields for the purchase, the tickets will be sent by email (recommended mode, because faster and cheaper) or by regular mail.


The companies

Of the various companies that guarantee the connection by ferry with Corsica, the main two are:

  • Corsica Ferries;
  • Moby.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/sanggi

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