Corsica: a visit to the archeological site of Filitosa


It was discovered, almost accidentally, by Charles-Antoine Cesari in 1946, the owner of the soil. In the last years it became one of the principal tourist attractions of the isle of beauty. And, after you’ve already seen some of the most beautiful beaches of south Corsica, you can visit the archeological site of Filitosa.


The site

Its history dates back to 8 thousand years ago, from the ancient Neolithic to the recent Neolithic, in 3.300 b.C. This was the period were the first menhir were built in this site. A suggestive place, not only for the history appeal, but also for the “location” where menhirs are, on gentle hills , surrounded by ferns and wild olive trees.


Who should go

It’s an unmissable stage for the ones who want to give a touch of culture to their trip. Moreover, thanks to its position and its characteristics, visiting it could be a great idea for the ones who are spending their holiday with children.


Where is it

The archeological site of Filitosa it’s near Taravo valley, along the D57 Road, in the municipality of Sollacaro, on the north side of the inhabited center of Propiano. While the main tourist port near Propriano is Bonifacio: to reach Propriano from Bonifacio, you just have to take the N196 towards north (the trip lasts about one hour by car).


Image source: “Filitosa JPG6” di Jean-Pol GRANDMONT – Opera propria. Con licenza CC BY 3.0 tramite Wikimedia Commons

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