Corsica: 16 places to discover the ancient Genoese towers

Genoese towers Corsica

Travelling on the island of beauty, especially along the coast, try, just for a moment, to forget the spectacle of nature and the most beautiful beaches. Because you might find the silent guardians who, built centuries ago, continue protecting this island. We’re talking about the Genoese towers of Corsica.

And this itinerary will allow you to see the most beautiful towers:

  1. Giraglia Island (Cap Corse): the tower stands near the modern lighthouse.
  2. Miomo: here there is a Genoese tower in perfect condition.
  3. Erbalunga: a “guardian tower” protects this small fishing village.
  4. Macinaggio: its beautiful tower overlooks the sea of this village.
  5. Rogliano: the tower is located between Centuri and Pino.
  6. Nonza: famous for its black beach, the tower overlooks this beach.
  7. Saint-Florent: the tower of Mortella, built on the homonymous promontory, is in ruins but still charming.
  8. Calvi: the so-called torre del sale (“tower of the salt”) stands in the tourist port.
  9. Galeria: its tower “protects” one of the most beautiful part of the Corsican coast.
  10. Girolata: the Genoese tower stands on a rocky promontory that overlooks the Gulf of Girolata.
  11. Porto: from its tower, you will enjoy a unique view upon the Gulf of Porto and Scandola Nature Reserve.
  12. Piana: a difficult trail leads to the Turghiu tower, the most visited and photographed of the island.
  13. Cargese: from its tower, partially in ruins, you can see the other seven towers that protect this part of the coast.
  14. Ajaccio: near the main town of the island, there is the tower of Capitello.
  15. Propriano: the tower of Campomoro in in perfect conditions and it’s one of the most important tower in Corsica.
  16. Roccapina: the homonymous beach is “closely guarded” by a lion-shaped rock and a Genoese tower in ruins.


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