Corsica: 5 reasons to leave in spring

corsica-in-springCorsica in spring: a trip discovering an wild and rugged island, and for this reason an island full of charm. A perfect escape during spring: a period of the year very good to welcome the tourists in a relaxing mood, without the problem of summer crowds.

We suggest you 5 reasons to visit the Corsica in spring.

5 good reasons to leave

  1. Low season. Leaving for a trip without paying much money is always a good thing. This is possible thanks to the low costs of a holiday in spring. The Corsica is waiting for you with its hotel very cozy and affordable prices to everybody.
  2. Mild climate. In spring, Corsica has always quite pleasant temperatures that hover around 20 degrees. You can make your excursions basking yourself in the sun, warm at the right point. An ideal climate then, that will make your walks very pleasant, even in the morning.
  3. Pure nature. You will admire the vivid green of the mountains in Corsica and it will be a very amazing view. An explosion of colours and smells is waiting for you with beautiful flowers like poppies, brooms and roses.
  4. On the road without worries. Corsica has many curvy streets. But if you are driving in the spring you don’t  fear difficulties or too much traffic. You will find empty routes for your passage. And even if you prefer the bike excursions, Corsica will offer you the perfect setting for your tours, thanks to its stunning coastal views.
  5. Empty beaches. In spring the sea will not be your priority. But a walk outside, along the amazing beaches of the Corsica is a good idea. It’s a thing you have to do. You’ll enjoy all the tranquility of these places and an ideal climate for relaxing and regenerating, in the same time.

What are you waiting for, then? Book the ferry to the Corsica and give yourself a dream holiday in spring.


Source image: Pixabay

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