The best 6 itineraries to visit Corsica: holidays between nature and culture

Corsica itineraries


The island of beauty is like a treasure. A treasure with several sides to discover: beaches, culture, history, nature, and excursions. All you need now is just some itineraries to visit Corsica, the island of beauty.

Such as these six:


1. Ten days

Are you planning a ten-days vacation to Corsica? This is the ideal itinerary for you. An itinerary that will allow you to visit, literally, the whole Corsica. From Bastia to Calvi, from Ajaccio to Bonifacio, it’s an idea recommended if you really like to travel, and if you want to see a new place every day.


2. Beaches

You want to see the beaches of Corsica: this is your desire for the next holidays. And the “problem” is this: the beaches are several, it’s your first time in Corsica and you want to see the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Problem solved: these are the four itineraries to discover the beaches of Corsica. You only have to choose the destination.


3. Excursions

Corsica is not only beaches. It is a land that offers an ancient culture and a beautiful nature. During the holidays, there are five recommended excursions: Sanguinaires Islands, Filitosa archaeological site, Scandola nature reserve, Agriates desert, Corte.


4. Castles

Corte is a small town located in the heart of the island. In Corte, there’s one of the three Corsican castles to visit: the other two are situated in Algajola and Aleria. This route is less-known but also very special.


5. Genoese towers

The Corsican coast is dotted with ancient Genoese towers: some of them are in ruins and stand on the coast, silent witnesses of Corsican history; others are located in the various towns and villages of the island.

It’s a quite long itinerary: we recommend you to visit the towers near to the destination of the vacation.


6. From Propriano to Ajaccio

The “starting point” is the Gulf of Propriano with its sandy beaches. The other stages are Filitosa, Coti Chiavari and punta di Sette Nave. The “arrival point” is Ajaccio, the main town of Corsica. This is a sixty-kilometres itinerary that will make you see the best of the island.


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