Corsica June 2015: 4 ideas for your journey

  • Published: 22-04-2015
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Corsica June 2015: 4 ideas

You want to spend a June holiday in Corsica. But you don’t know where to go. Problem solved: here you have 4 good ideas for your journey.


First idea: in Corsica with family

This holiday in June is the occasion to have a trip with the whole family in this beautiful island. But what are the places of Corsica to see with kids?

  • Cities. Ajaccio, Bastia and Bonifacio: these are the best Corsican cities to see during a holiday with family, places with several attractions and activities for children.
  • Beaches. Sandy, large, with shallow water and several services: the beaches for kids should be like these. The most suitable beaches for children are in Ajaccio and in Bonifacio.


Second idea: the beaches

An itinerary recommended for those who desire to comfortably lie on a dram beach. For the destination of your vacation, you can choose among the ten most beautiful beaches of Corsica.


Third idea: unforgettable places

The beaches are ten. And ten are the most beautiful places of Corsica. From north to south, from deserts to old towns and beaches, the holiday could be an opportunity to discover the coast, the mountains and the streets of the “island of beauty”.


Fourth idea: the cities

For you, vacation is synonym for story, art, culture. If this is your ideal journey, you have to visit one of the several (and of course beautiful) Corsican main cities. The recommended destinations are three:

Ajaccio and Bonifacio are two of the most big and ancient cities of Corsica. Ile-Rousse is a good “starting point” to visit other Corsica North coast cities, such as Calvi and Bastia.


Have you chosen where to spend this June 2015 holiday in Corsica? Is so, there is only one thig left to do: book a ferry ticket.


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