Corsica kayak festival 2015: Easter among rivers, sea and paddle [VIDEO]

  • Published: 27-03-2015
  • Category: Events

Corsica kayak festival 2015For kayakers, Corsica is an ideal destination. Especially during the five days from April 6 to 10, 2015, just after Easter. When the new edition of the Easter Corsica kayaking sessions will take place.

The appointment is in Ernella camping, in the central part of Corsica and not far from Aléria, on the east coast, in the afternoon of April 6. And the program… well, there is no program scheduled. The Easter Corsica kayaking sessions is an opportunity to aggregate kayakers, watch videos, share experiences and little secrets.

The rivers are two:

  • Rizzanese river
  • Tavignano river

The first one is certainly the most technical and challenging. The second one is much easier to deal with and suitable for beginner: the Easter Corsica kayaking sessions does not want to exclude anyone.

Before you take kayak and paddle and go to Corsica, there are some precious recommendations:

  • be prudent
  • be in good form
  • equipment must be in good conditions
  • if necessary, ask more experienced kayaker for help and advices.

For more information about Easter Corsica kayaking sessions, visit the official website of the event, And if you’d like a taste of what awaits you, look this video:

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